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 Short History of Pulla-Pirtti Ltd




1958 Antero Räinä started to work at Pulla-Pirtti in Aleksanteri´s street 10.

1960-century Antero´s wife Tuulikki came along in the business

1970-century Oulu´s bakery moved to the current place to Oulunlahti, Perävainio

1988 Pulla-Pirtti Ltd. purchased The Raahe´s Leipätuote Ltd.

1991 The opening celebration of new production environment in Raahe´s Leipätuote in Pattijoki.

1992 Antero Räinä´s sons Hannu and Heikki Räinä came along as business partners

1996 Perheleipurit co-operations started. Pulla-Pirtti became one of the partners

1998 Pulla-Pirtti agreed the co-operation - and partnership agreement with Lapin Leipä Ltd.

2002 Pulla-Pirtti Ltd. purchased Kauhava´s Pullatuote Ltd.

2003 The opening celebration of new bakery in Kauhava

2004 Pulla-Pirtti Ltd purchased the whole capital stock of Lapin Leipä

2008 Pulla-Pirtti´s 50-years celebration!

2008 The ownership of Eho´s bakery transfered to Perheleipurit Ltd.

2010 The new logistics center was completed in the summer 2011 beside the Oulu´s bakery

2015 FSSC 22000 Quality Certificate has been granted for Pulla-Pirtti Oulu and Raahe bakeries

2015 Bakery Primula Oy was founded by Leipomo Salonen Oy, Pulla-Pirtti Oy and a number of small investors

2015 Pulla-Pirtti's Jauholeipomo at Kaakkuri K-Citymarket was renewed

2015 Perheleipurit co-operations ended. Pulla-pirtti returned to its roots as a local bakery

2017 Pulla-Pirtti focused its production to bakeries in Oulu and Raahe

2017 Pulla-Pirtti's Jauholeipomo at Kaakkuri K-Citymarket closed as rental contract ended

2017 Pulla-Pirtti announces new Konditorie-Cafe in the centre of Oulu

2018 Pulla-Pirtti´s 60-years celebration!

2018 Pulla-Pirtti opens new Konditorie-Cafe Sofia in the centre of Oulu 15.3.

2019 Oulu bakery's new raw material expansion opens

2021 Pulla-Pirtti has been granted with BRC food quality and safety standart on both bakeries