Jätti Carrot 4pcs

A plush, pillow-shaped carrot roll. Carrots 15% of the product.

 360 g
    Jätti Carrot 4pcs

WHEAT flour, carrot 15% (origin: EU), whole wheat RYE flour, yeast, water, sugar syrup, rapeseed oil, WHEAT gluten, fermented WHEAT flour, salt, whole wheat OAT flour, enzyme, emulsifier (E481, E471), flour improver (E300). May contain traces of barley, milk and egg.

The product is highly salty.

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(90 g)
13 %
3,3 g
4 %
3,2 g
5 %
Tyydyttyn. rasvaa EN
0,5 g
2 %
8,6 g
17 %
Carbo hydrates
48,2 g
18 %
Kuitua En
4 g
16 %
EN: aikuisen viitteellisestä päiväsaannista (GDA). Perustana 2 000 kcal ruokavalio.
Nutritional content / 100 g (90 g)
Energy1235 kJ / 294 kcal265 kcal
Fat3.5 g3.2 g
  - of which saturated fatty acids0.5 g0.5 g
Carbohydrates53.5 g48.2 g
  - of which sugar3.7 g3.3 g
Fibres4.4 g4 g
Proteins9.5 g8.6 g
Salt1.1 g1 g
Lactose0.0 g0 g
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